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Important Notice, Warning, and Disclaimer

Last Updated October 17, 2018
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Please read carefully.

Thank you for visiting our web site. The contents of the public areas of this web site are intended for general information only and should not be considered as legal advice or legal opinion on any set of facts or circumstances.  Information that you may find on this web site, or on the web generally, cannot be a substitute for competent legal advice.

Do not use the information you find on this web site as the basis for taking any action, delaying an action, or not taking an action, without conferring with legal counsel. For answers regarding an actual situation, you must consult an attorney to conduct a detailed review of the facts and circumstances in light of the applicable laws.

Applying for certain immigration benefits requires timely application or action, and any delay may result in an adverse outcome. Missing or ignoring deadlines will have a devastating, life-changing impact. You should consult an attorney to determine what deadlines are applicable to your situation.

Please do not send confidential or privileged information through the website.  If you decide to contact us, please send a brief description of the types of services you desire and the nature of your legal matter.  We will contact you for further discussions of your case.

Viewing or transmitting information through this website, or using this website to contact us with an inquiry about retaining our legal services, does not create an attorney-client relationship. We reserve the right to refuse representation.  We will not be able to make a decision regarding representation until the intake process is complete.

Our website provides links to other web sites as a resource. We do not endorse those web sites or the information provided by them. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of their information, nor can we be responsible for any harm or damages that may result by relying on information found on those web sites.

Always try to connect to web sites using a secured connection. The addresses of secured connections start with "https://" (as opposed to "http;//"). Using a secured connection would ensure that you are reaching the web site you really intended. Our web site supports a secured connection.  You are currently connected to our web site via a secured connection.

Pursuant to Indiana law, we are required to inform the viewer that “This Website is an Advertisement.”

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