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Immigration to the United States

Decisions to immigrate are unique and personal. They represent a decision to part with a life, a life that the immigrant has known all of his or her life, bid goodbye to their family, take a long journey across the world, and start a new life thousands of miles away. Life-changing decisions like this are never made lightly.

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Those who are outside of the United States are motivated by their desire to find a free environment that would allow them to be who they want to be and enjoy all the opportunities available in America.  And, those who decide to immigrate here after having lived in the United States for many years, e.g., either as a student or a temporary worker, are inspired by freedoms and opportunities to which they have become accustomed over the years.

In short, many factors inspire people to immigrate to the United States. Some immigrants are inspired by American freedoms, such as freedoms of speech and religion or the freedom to be free of unreasonable search and seizure by police or intelligence agencies. Some other immigrants are inspired by the availability of a free marketplace, absence of widespread corruption, and the availability of a level playing field to grow professionally and economically.

Image of a person's hands holding a United States flag, symbolizing immigration and citizenship

Regardless of what inspires you to come or stay here, and despite all rhetoric of late, you will find America and its people open, inviting, and hospitable and an environment that invites and encourages assimilation.  There is no wonder that, with over 1.1 million immigrants annually, America is the #1 immigration destination in the world.

No matter what has inspired you to immigrate to the United States, we appreciate the significance and personal nature of your decision and will help you in your journey.

There are many different routes for immigration to the United States.  Family-based opportunities, allow U.S. citizens and permanent residents obtain immigrant visas for their spouses and unmarried children.  They also allow U.S. citizens apply for immigrant visas for their married or unmarried children, parents, and brothers and sisters.

An airport immigration sign, symbolizing immigration to the United States.

Employment-based opportunities allow for immigration of advanced professionals, other professionals and skilled and unskilled workers.  They also offer several routes for people of extraordinary abilities, exceptional individuals, and outstanding professors and researchers, among others, to seek immigrant visas.

Investment-based (EB-5) opportunities allow for immigration of foreign-born investors.

Humanitarian grounds allow for immigration of asylees and refugees, as well as certain other individuals who are fleeing oppression.

At the same time U.S. immigration laws offer several opportunities for temporarily residing and working in the United States.  See Treaty Traders & Investors, NAFTA Professionals, Temporary Professional Workers (H-1B Visa).


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